Mario Tennis Ultra Smash vs Mario Tennis Aces graphics comparison

Published: 19:31, 02 July 2018
Super Mario hitting the tennis ball in Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.
Mario Tennis Aces vs Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

The Switch has officially become a Nintendo console as it finally has its own tennis title, but is it a port or a brand new title? We've made a comparison between the two Mario Tennis games in order to try and resolve this question.

Mario Tennis Aces is out now for Nintendo Switch and based on the early reviews, it’s doing better than the last game in the series - Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, released for the Wii U in late 2015. This game fell completely under the radar for most gamers. Hell, it even flew under the radar for Nintendo and Wii U fans!

In March 2015, Nintendo revealed they were working on a console under the codename "NX", and described it as a "brand new concept". This would become the Switch we all know today. Of course, as you'd expect, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash got swept under the wave of NX rumours and Super Mario Maker.

So in the last three years we have two Mario Tennis games, both developed by Camelot Software Planning that have become the default Nintendo sports maker. And as the Internet is still drowning itself in speculation and debate as to whether Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a port of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U - we decided to go on a quest to find out if the new Mario Tennis Aces game is just a graphical port of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. 

Spoiler Alert: it's nothing more than a damn HD port with special moves. This is Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Deluxe Edition. Just look at the screenshot below and tell us if you can see any actual difference.

Nintendo Luigi and Waluigi playing tennis on a blue surface. We're having a hard time seeing any difference here...

Still not convinced? Watch our new then and tell us we're wrong. We dare you.