Guild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga finale preview - Great bridge to Cantha

Published: 16:00, 27 April 2021
Updated: 13:20, 27 April 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga finale
Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga finale

Icebrood Saga has come to an end with ArenaNet going for quality over quantity and let's hope that approach catches up in more areas of gaming, not just Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 has had its ups and downs but Icebrood Saga as a whole would probably be somewhere in between since it had both great and lacking parts. If there is anything to be said about its finale, it is that ArenaNet didn't want to wrap up the storyline with a forgettable experience and it shows.

This is probably one of the shortest episodes we've encountered in any part of the Living Story so far but that does not necessarily mean it's bad. Quite the opposite actually - the finale came in, did its job and got out, leaving us with a replayable activity that can be done with either familiar faces from friend lists and guilds or random people that come together for a big showdown.

Furthermore, this content drop earned its status as a finale with an epic fight that is followed by a short but pretty awesome cinematic cutscene. Make sure your "Hide UI" and "Screenshot" key binds are ready because there will be ample opportunities for great shots.

Considering that the content is not that big, one might find themselves disillusioned with GW2 but keep in mind that resources are limited with all the work that's being done for the next expansion. I understand that not everyone will agree but I for one am glad that we got a small content drop that had a high-quality standard rather than something as wide as the ocean but deep as a puddle.

Storylines that have been building up since the moment we arrived at Blood Legion's citadel at the behest of a Charr politician are now be wrapped up and there don't seem to be any loose ends. 

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 - Who is playing whom?

Overall, this quick bit of high octane action and exposition seems like the perfect way to begin a clean slate before the story that will be the bridge between our fight against dragons and transition to Cantha with the next expansion.

ArenaNet also announced a pile of exciting news on the same day, such as free Living World episodes and better Legendary system .

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