Far Cry 5 graphics comparison: PC vs PlayStation 4 Pro

Published: 14:46, 05 April 2018
Updated: 18:49, 05 April 2018
Game's character holding a big knife.
Far Cry 5

In our latest graphics comparison, we take a look at the newest Ubisoft title: Far Cry 5. It's the never-ending battle of PC and PS4 Pro. The PC version is, of course, vastly superior as usual, but just how wide is the gap between the two?

Ubisoft have released their latest open-world game for the year - Far Cry 5. A game where we get to explore the wide open skies of Montana and shovel guy or two in the head while we're at it. As many other critics and reviewers are pointing out, Ubisoft are currently developing the same game over and over again with tweaks depending on the setting. 

We’ve spent a while with the game and while gamers and cultural critics are trying to tie this game with Donald Trump, we see this setting and tone being more reminiscent of high profile cults and religious groups from the last century including the likes of People’s Temple and Heaven’s Gate.

Ubisoft A PC vs PS4 Pro graphics comparison of a shovel. A graphics comparison of our favourite Far Cry 5 weapon.

The more worrying thing about this game though, is the effect it’s having on the AltChar staff. Endorsements and purchases of the game have been spreading across our Slack and Discord over the last week.

This really ramped up since the team was at Insomnia 62 and met the “Honey, I joined a Cult” developers, Sole Survivor Games. You can check out their interview with us right .

But let's get to why you're here: what are the visual differences of Far Cry 5 when played on PC and PlayStation 4 Pro? Well, , shall we?

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