Top 5 best gaming headsets in 2019

Published: 15:06, 27 November 2019
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Best headsets - Which one is for you?

Having a good headset can sometimes make the difference between life and death in modern games. If you are one of those players who blame poor headset for weak performance in competitive games, our list might help you turn the tide in your favour.

If you're looking to buy a brand new gaming headset, you've come to the right place. Hopefully, with this guide, we will make the whole choosing process a bit easier for you, as we too know very well just how downright exhausting it can be. We've all been there, but ultimately, it is you who has to make the decision, so without any further ado, let's take a look at some of the best headsets on the market. 


AltChar artwork showing Steelseries Arctis Pro SteelSeries Arctis Pro

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Pros: Fantastic sound, build quality, comfortable, RGB lighting, sleek design

Cons: Price

Featuring premium speaker, 40mm drivers with high-density neodymium magnets that can reproduce Hi-Res audio out to 40KHz,  Arctis Pro take things to the next level when it comes to pure sound quality. The headset also comes with a digital to audio converter (DAC) for immersive surround sound during gaming but these work just as well for music or films. 

Arctis Pro is a comfortable headset, just like many of its predecessors and its build quality is absolutely top-notch. There is a downside though, all these premium features cost and Arctis Pro are on the pricey side with MSRP of $179,99/£179,99/€199,99. 

AltChar artwork showing Corsair Virtuoso RGB headphones Corsair Virtuoso RGB

2.  Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE 

Pros: Stunning design, premium build quality and sound, 3.5mm, Wireless, and USB-C connections

Cons: Price, wireless range

Virtuoso is hands down the best looking headset on the market. With it's brushed machined aluminium finish, Virtuoso is a perfect blend of gorgeous design, strong durability and comfort. The headset also features RGB lighting for those who love flashy gadgets. But enough about the looks, let's get to the real stuff - the sound.

Virtuoso RGB comes with 50mm Neodymium drivers, a frequency response of 20Hz-40KHz for powerful sound in gaming while remaining a strong competitor for music with its solid low-end. The 20-hour battery life is also impressive and the headset comes with three connectivity options - the standard 3.5mm, Slipstream Wireless and USB-C. Just like the Arctis Pro, Virtuoso RGB is quite pricey but if you want the premium looks and quality, Virtuoso RGB will cost you $209,99.

AltChar artwork showing HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones HyperX Cloud Alpha

3. HyperX Cloud Alpha 

Pros: Excellent durability, great sound, bass, price

Cons: Cables, not very portable

The alpha and omega of gaming headsets, HyperX Could Alpha ticks all the boxes. Its build quality is second to none, the sound quality is great, and most importantly, Cloud Alpha doesn't cost a fortune. With an MSRP of $99,99, this headset is probably the best choice if you're looking for a perfect combination of price, sound and build quality. 

The ultra-durable aluminium frame makes Cloud Alpha absolutely bombproof while 50mm dual-chamber neodymium drivers and 13Hz-27KHz frequency response deliver powerful but clear sound. Last but not least, the headset is quite comfortable as well so longer play sessions won't be an issue.

AltChar artwork showing Corsair HS50 headphones Corsair HS50

4. Corsair HS50

Pros: Affordable price, good sound and build quality

Cons: Plain design, weak low-end

Corsair may have covered the top tier with Virtuoso RGB but you can bet they did not forget about those on a tight budget. Corsair HS50 model is a perfect choice if you're looking for a headset up to $50/£50. Both build and sound quality are exceptional for the price which makes HS50 an excellent value. The headset packs 20Hz - 20KHz frequency response with 50mm drivers and 3.5mm analogue connection.

As expected, Corsair decided to cut the cost with a somewhat plain design so don't expect any flashy RGB lighting or fancy aluminium cover.

AltChar artwork showing SteelSeries Arctis 5 SteelSeries Arctis 5

5. SteelSeries Arctis 5

Pros: Great sound, comfortable, sleek design

Cons: Messy cables, weak surround sound

Some may prefer the HyperX Cloud Alpha at this price point ($99), but given that our team members just can't stop rambling about Arctis 5, we had to put them on our list. Make no mistake, Arctis 5 is very much a great model that offers refined sound and comfy and sleek design. You also get a chat mixer so you can easily mix game and chat audio without leaving your game. Arctis 5 offers 20Hz - 22kHz frequency response with 40mm neodymium drivers.

The headset can be a bit annoying with its cables, which are too long and the surround sound could be a bit better overall. Other than that, it's hard not to recommend Arctis 5.

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