Got your WASD and arrow keys reversed? It's a quick fix

Published: 11:04, 12 October 2021
Sharkoon Tactix keyboard
Sharkoon Tactix keyboard

Accidentally swapping the functions of arrow and WASD keys during a game can be detrimental but thankfully, it's easy to fix.

Arrow and WASD key functions can be easily and accidentally swapped at a mere press of two buttons - Fn and W. That's all it takes to ruin your chances in a high-octane duel in a game or mistakenly believe your keyboard is broken. Thankfully, fixing the issue is literally just as easy. Tap Fn and W buttons once more and everything will revert to normal.

Depending on your keyboard, the Fn button can be located in different spots because the key doesn't have a standardised position you. However, it's mostly placed slightly to the left or slightly to the right of the Spacebar but it's always close to the Alt key as well.

If you're not familiar with the button, it's normally used for advanced functions of the keyboard which is something almost all modern gaming keyboards offer. You can use it as a way to employ shortcuts that wouldn't be available otherwise. For example, if your keyboard doesn't have multimedia keys, you can press a combination of keys involving Fn to turn the speaker volume up or down.

Roccat Fn key position on Roccat Magma is to the right of the Spacebar Fn key position on Roccat Magma is to the right of the Spacebar

The uses of Fn are virtually infinite but in some cases it will just serve as a shortcut for your cat to get you killed in a game by disabling the normal means of navigating your character mid-fight. 

A million thanks, cat.

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