The Ascent: Skill Points, Attributes and Augmentations explained

Published: 07:52, 31 July 2021
Updated: 09:01, 31 July 2021
Neon Giant
The Ascent - Augments will change your life...for the better
The Ascent - Augments will change your life...for the better

Each level-up in The Ascent means three more Skill Points for you to spend as you see fit. Here are some general tips on how to get the most bang out of the experience.

Each Skill Point you earn in The Ascent can be invested into eight different skills that increase different attributes.


  • Tactical sense – increases tactical charge gained for damage dealt. (Cybernetics - green)
  • Critical hit rate – increases the chances of a critical hit. (Cybernetics - green)
  • Weapon handling – reload and weapon swap speed. (Motorics - blue)
  • Aiming – determines spread recovery rate. (Motorics - blue)
  • Balance – resistance to stuns and knockbacks and reduces movement penalty while firing heavy weapons. (Frame - purple)
  • Evasion – evasion cooldown speed. (Frame - purple)
  • Vital Signs – max health. (Biometrics - orange)
  • Body Battery – max energy capacity. (Biometrics - orange)


  • Cybernetics (green)
  • Motorics (blue)
  • Biometrics (orange)
  • Frame (purple)

Neon Giant The Ascent - Skills and Attributes The Ascent - Skills and Attributes


All Attributes are colour-coded and those colours match the Augmentations they affect. For example, Balance and Evasion skills will increase the Frame attribute, which will, in turn, improve the purple Augments.

Overall, once you figure out which Auments you like you can start investing more skill points into the relevant attribute. 

If you're unsure of your playstyle when you first boot up The Ascent, I suggest a balanced approach to assigning skill points early in the game. 

For example, once you find that you're more of a "duck and shoot" type of a player you can stop spending the points on skills such as "Balance" but keep adding SP to "Evasion". Since they are the same colour (purple) you'll still beef up your Frame Attribute and level up a skill you actually need in combat. This will also improve the value of the purple Augments.

The purpose of Augmentations 

Blue (Motorics) Augmentations are geared to dealing large amounts of burst damage.

Green (Cybernetics) Augs work more similar to support skills that let you heal yourself while damaging the enemies or deploy a little robot that will collect loot from the ground.

Orange (Biometrics) Augmentations will take care of your vitals. 

Purple (Frame) Augmentations work by providing projectile-slowing shields or movement abilities that also cause a bit of damage.

Augments will deal more damage or last longer if the corresponding Attribute is higher so plan accordingly.

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