The Ascent: a beginner's guide to combat

Published: 07:54, 31 July 2021
Neon Giant
The Ascent - a beginner's guide to combat
The Ascent - a beginner's guide to combat

The Ascent's combat has a bunch of moving parts and even more variables. We've gathered everything you might be curious about in one beginner's guide.

Neon Digital's first offering is an RPG shooter set in an unforgiving, cyberpunk-inspired world. The Ascent throws a bunch of different weapons and armour components at its players and I'm here today to help you make some sense about the four types of damage you can serve up to your enemies.

General tip: you can change your loadout at any point in the game.

Go low and aim high

You can crouch (left Ctrl.) behind various covers and comfortably shoot at your enemies without taking any damage during combat.

You can shoot over your cover by aiming high (hold down the right mouse button). The "aim high" mechanic is also available while you're out and about and I found it comes in handy when you're a bit lower than your target (down a flight of stairs for example).

Switching up weapons and tactical equipment

The Ascent lets you have two weapons equipped at any given moment. You don't have to worry about ammo and you can change the equipped weapons at any time by (Tab -> Loadout).

Tacticals in The Ascent range from normal grenades and turrets to mechs for your character. Only one can be equipped at any given moment and requires a full tactical charge that you top off by damaging your enemies.

Neon Giant The Ascent - loadout: HMG42 Detonator The Ascent - loadout: HMG42 Detonator

Damage types

All enemies in The Ascent are resistant to some form of damage and have one or more effective damage types. You'll have to try a bunch of different combinations before something sticks.

How to tell if it's working:

  • If the damage numbers are grey – the damage you're dealing is inefficient.
  • Numbers are white – you're dealing normal amounts of damage.
  • Red numbers mean that you're doing something right and the damage is efficient against this particular enemy.
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