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The Ascent's latest patch introduces Transmogrification and free fashion items

Published: 16:30, 02 December 2021
Neon Giant
The Ascent - Stylists available in all safe zones
The Ascent - Stylists available in all safe zones

The Ascent's latest patch brought new fashion items to the safe zones of Veles. Transmogrification is also available as part of the free update.

Neon Giant just rolled out a new update for The Ascent , now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Today's patch introduces some new fashion items along with general improvements and additional features.

Free content update: Transmogrification 

Transmogrification or Transmog, when around friends and family, presents the opportunity to replace the appearance of an Indent's armour or conceal certain pieces of it.

Players can visit the Stylist now available in each safe zone (Cluster 13, The Node and Arcology Highstreet) and customise their appearance by transmogrifying any piece of armour you currently have equipped into one of the options on offer. None of the transmogrifying changes is permanent and can be modified at any time.

Neon Giant The Ascent - new fashion items The Ascent - new fashion items

New fashion items

Fashion-savvy Indents can take their look a bit further with the addition of eight new fashion items:

  • Street Cap
  • Habber Cap
  • Street Headset
  • Habber Shirt
  • T-shirt: Blood Direct
  • T-shirt: 2 Blob 3 Blob
  • Slick Trousers
  • Habber Jeans
The premium CyberSec Pack

Transmogrification and the eight new fashion items are freely available to all players, but the new CyberSec Pack comes with its own price tag. Now available on all platforms, the CyberSec Pack bears a price tag that reads £3.99 / 4.99€ / $4.99.

CyberSec Mega, the largest mil-tech manufacturer and main supplier of CorpSec are tempting the players with a new set of weapons, tactical gear, armour, and animated skins.

The Ascent patch #5 notes.

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