Seasoned Prime Beef daily challenge RDO guide - locations and recipe

Published: 12:59, 14 June 2022
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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online can be confusing at times if you are not familiar with the locations of recipe components so here is a quick rundown on how to make Seasoned Prime Beef.

Seasoned Prime Beef recipe

You can make Seasoned Prime Beef at any campfire if you have:

  • Prime Beef Joint
  • One of the herbs
    • Oregano
    • Wild Mint
    • Creeping Thyme

If you need to get to a campfire quickly, you can always open the Online menu and teleport yourself to the camp.

Ingredient locations

Prime Beef Joint can be acquired when skinning cows, bulls, bison or oxen. 

Oxen, cows and bulls can be found at various ranches but can yield negative consequences if you kill and skin them. If you don't mind it, then Emerald Ranch is the easiest place to skin a cow since it has a fast travel post nearby.

Bison can be found in large numbers just west of Blackwater, making them the prime target for harvesting this particular meat.

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online - Bison location Red Dead Online - Bison location


Once you have the meat, it's time for the herbs. Wild Mint and Oregano can be found in the same location close to the river not far from Valentine and since you only need one herb for one Seasoned Prime Beef, it doesn't matter which you pick. It's only important you get the same number of herb pieces and beef.

Additionally, if you want to craft with thyme instead, you can find a large batch of the herb between Citadel Rock and Heartland Oil Fields, both east of Valentine.

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online - Thyme location Red Dead Online - Thyme location


If any of the ingredients are missing on their designated location, it's because someone else harvested them. Just switch your session and they should respawn.

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