Red Dead Online: Seasoned Plump Bird recipes and locations

Published: 23:57, 05 July 2021
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Red Dead Online - "Skinning" a chicken
Red Dead Online - "Skinning" a chicken

Daily challenges in Red Dead Online can be confusing sometimes due to multiple necessary ingredients and their unknown locations. This guide will lead you to the completion of the Seasoned Plump Bird challenge.

Completing the Seasoned Plump Bird challenge in Red Dead Online requires you to craft three Plump Bird meats that are not Plain. For this, you will need two ingredients - Plump Bird meat and seasoning plants.

Plump Bird meat locations

You can get Plump Bird meat pretty much across the entire RDO map since it's acquired by "skinning":

  • Geese
  • Greater Prairie Chickens
  • Turkeys of all variations
  • Roosters and chickens

The easiest way to obtain said meat, however, is to locate a chicken coop as these are guaranteed to have chickens and roosters around. Valentine and Emerald Ranch are prominent locations but our own example is from the latter. 

Just go to the ranch and find the big barn that has a fence, the purveyor of the illegal goods, behind it. You will see a chicken coop next to the barn, with a few goats roaming around. If chickens didn't appear in front of the coop, you will need to join a new session to refresh the spawns. Once you find the chickens, kill them and interact with the corpses to pluck the meat from them.

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online - Emerald Ranch chicken coop location Red Dead Online - Emerald Ranch chicken coop location

Plump Bird seasoning

There are three herbs that can be used as a seasoning for Plump Bird meat:

  • Wild mint - improves health core
  • Oregano - improves stamina core
  • Creeping thyme - improves deadeye core

You can find these close to river banks and if you want an exact location, there are several to be found near Caliban's Seat .

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