Simple production exploit in Civilization VI without penalty

Published: 13:50, 27 August 2019
Updated: 14:50, 28 August 2019
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Civilization VI

We've come across a simple trick to hold production for as many turns as required in Civilization VI, enabling you "store" production while you wait for a tech advance, for example. It's best used in the early game to gain advantage.

You can't usefully end a turn in Civilization VI without all of your cities actually producing something. The Next Turn button is in fact disabled if a single city is showing the Cogwheel icon in its information bar. There is an option to "force end" a turn (Shift+Enter) but you'll lose any unused production.

This situation can lead to "wasted" turns, particularly in the early game, where each and every turn and each and every point of production can be vital, particulary in situations where you have started next to an agressive neighbour.

Players don't want to be forced into producing "something" when they may be waiting for a tech advance next turn, which means they could be producing something much more useful.

Well, there's a simple exploit we've come across for this which enables a player to "store" turns of production to be used whenever the player chooses.

2k Civilization VI - the Scottish city of Stirling Civilization VI - the Scottish city of Stirling

First, when your city is showing the Cogwheel icon - don't actually select anything to produce. Instead, go straight to the Queue section of the production tab.

2k Civilization VI Civilization VI

There, select a unit to add to the queue. For this to work, it's vital you choose a unit - slinger, archer, scout, warrior - whatever. Not a building and not a district. We repeat: not a building and not a district.

Once you've queued the unit, right click on it to remove it from the queue. Then exit the production tab and you'll notice the Next Turn button is now enabled. Christ's pyjamas - it works!

2k Civilization VI Civilization VI

You'll find that upon starting the next turn, the city with the unit queued will have one whole turn of production saved up ready to use on whatever you desire. Or you can delay any production ad infinitum by repeating the same.

2k Civilization VI Civilization VI

Being able to delay production for a number of turns is particularly powerful at the very start of the game. As the excellent  (who brought the exploit to our attention) points out, you can produce a first settler unit many turns earlier than than normal using this method, given than you can't start building one normally until your city reaches a population of 2. 

Well, just save the production up and chuck one out near enough straight away upon reaching 2 population.

We haven't seen any official response from Firaxis concerning this exploit, and while it's not completely game-breaking, it surely isn't working as it is supposed to. We would expect it to be patched at some point.


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