Lost Ark available with less lag in Europe, through Russian servers

Published: 16:14, 08 November 2019
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Lost Ark

European and North American players are still waiting for their own servers in Lost Ark which usually means resorting to VPNs and playing with lag after connecting to Korean servers. European players can now bypass it thanks to introduction of Russian servers.

Smilegate recently opened up Russian servers for Lost Ark which provided a better experience for Russian players but also a portion of those in Western and Eastern Europe. The reason why not everyone in Europe could enjoy Lost Ark on Russian servers is that everything is in Cyrillic letters and those who can't read it could have trouble with enjoying an RPG, as you may imagine.

However, the unofficial English patch has started working again, as of 8 November 2019. It can be downloaded from the provided link but there are two things you need to be aware of before doing so:

  1. It's an unofficial patch that works through an executable file. Use it at your own risk
  2. Using the English version on Russian servers is bannable. Make sure you don't post screenshots or videos with Latin letters or at least scratch out your account info from such media

The patcher can be . After the downloading has finished, do the following steps:

  1. Start Gamecenter launcher
  2. Log in and update the client if necessary
  3. Start the English patcher
  4. Click on "English"
  5. Start Lost Ark through Gamecenter launcher

After you are done with your session, make sure you tick "Restore original on close" on the patcher and then close Lost Ark in the launcher first and English patcher afterwards.

Lost Ark - a new Korean MMO-ARPG in Diablo and PoE style

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Lost Ark

In case of Lost Ark update or maintenance, repeat steps 1 and 2 from the list above. Should you have any troubles, the folks who are keeping an eye on the patcher also have a . You can use it for grouping, troubleshooting and other info related to Lost Ark.

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