League of Legends: How to report players with the new in-game reporting system

Published: 18:36, 09 May 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends is maintaining a solid player base
League of Legends have introduced new in-game reporting system

With the latest updates to League of Legends, players are now able to report toxic behavior in-game, making it easier to report players who are being abusive, disruptive, or otherwise toxic.  

League of Legends  has gained notoriety for its toxic community, where players frequently experience flaming, trolling, griefing, and harassment. To address this issue, Riot Games  has implemented several measures over the years, but the report system remains the most effective way to combat toxicity.

The report system enables players to report toxic behavior and penalizes offenders according to the severity of their actions. However, the system is not without its flaws. 

One of the most significant issues is the reporting window, which previously only allowed players to report toxic behavior in the post-game lobby after a match. This meant that if a player disconnected or accidentally closed the client, there was no way to report the offending player.

Encountering toxic teammates is a frustrating aspect of playing League of Legends, particularly when players engage in flaming, role refusal, or hold the lobby hostage during champion select. To combat this issue, Riot has introduced a feature that enables players to report toxic behaviors during champion selection. 

Additionally, players now have the option to report in-game toxicity directly from the scoreboard by using the report button.

Riot Games New in-game reporting system New in-game reporting system

Toxicity is a major issue in online gaming, and League of Legends is known for having one of the worst toxic communities. However, Riot Games has been taking measures to address the problem. They have introduced new features that make it easier for players to report toxic behavior. 

These features are now available during Champion Select, after the game, and even during gameplay. By doing so, Riot is showing a commitment to combating toxicity and making the game more enjoyable for everyone. 


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