League of Legends: Best top lane champions in Patch 13.8

Published: 21:04, 20 April 2023
Riot Games
Championship Riven
Riven is currently one of the strongest top laners in LoL patch 13.8!

In League of Legends Patch 13.8, Riven, Mordekaiser and Malphite are among the best top lane champions to play. Thanks to the recent buffs these champions received, they emerged at the top of the top lane!

We've been keeping up with League of Legends updates, and it seems like bruisers and fighters have been dominating the top lane in recent patches. 

With the latest patch, 13.8, Riot buffed Garen, but it's unclear whether he'll become as overpowered as Malphite, who actually got nerfed in this patch. It's worth noting that this patch was mainly focused on pro play, so don't expect too many changes in your own solo queue matches.

If you're wondering who the best top laner is right now, you might want to check out our tierlist. We've got all the latest rankings and insights! Currently, the three most op champions in the top lane are Riven, Malphite and Mordekaiser!


Riven is undoubtedly a great champion in League of Legends, but we recommend practicing with her before diving into a ranked game. Her kit boasts incredible mobility and gap-closing abilities, making her a top contender for the best top lane champion in the current meta of bruisers.

Riven excels in skirmishes and enjoys jumping in and out of battles, which is a common tactic in the top-heavy meta. Additionally, her mobility makes it almost impossible for enemies to gank her, ensuring a safe playstyle. So, if you're looking for a strong top lane champion, Riven might just be the one for you!


While Malphite is an easy champion to play, it's important to avoid blind picking him since he can easily get countered by champions like Vladimir or Kennen in the top lane. However, if you know who you'll be up against and it's an AD top laner, then playing as Malphite can be a piece of cake. His ultimate makes him a great initiator for teamfights, allowing him to tank and frontline while the rest of the team takes down the enemy squishies.

It's a simple strategy, but it can be very effective. So if you're looking for a champion to play in League of Legends right now, Malphite might be the one for you. Just remember to be cautious when blind picking him!


This season, Mordekaiser has emerged as a reliable choice for the top lane position in League of Legends. He boasts significant early damage and can withstand ganks and pressure quite effectively. If he manages to gain an early advantage, opponents may find the matchup extremely difficult.

Mordekaiser's ultimate ability allows him to force a 1v1 situation, making him a tough target for ganks. If played well, he has the potential to carry games all by himself, especially if he gains an early advantage. So, if you're looking for a top lane champion with a lot of potential, Mordekaiser might be worth considering.


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