League of Legends - Best Beginner Champions

Published: 01:07, 25 October 2022
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League of Legends - Goth Annie
League of Legends - Annie is a low skill floor, mid level skill ceiling champion

So you've just started out playing League of Legends, and it's all a bit too much? Don't make it harder on yourself, and at least pick the champions that are simple to play.

When Riot Games design champions for League of Legends these days, they are usually extremely complicated pieces of work, that take even experienced players to wrap their head around.

K'Sante, the new top lane champion , is one of the simplest ones in recent memory, and even he as two modes of playstyle to switch between. So, here are the best champions to learn how to play LoL with.

Annie, is the most basic champion one should pick up when starting to play League of Legends. She is the champion that teaches players themost important skill in the game, which is farming.

Due to the passive on her Q, which returns mana spent when you kill an enemy, including missions, she finds it easy to farm one minion by one, and still not worry about mana at all.

Riot Games League of Legends - Garen splash art League of Legends - Garen is spin to win personified

And, when on the topic of not worrying about mana, we have Garen. The top lane is an extremely isolated lane, and sustain means everything. As Garen has no mana to spend, and his base health regen is high, all you need to concern yourself with is knowing how to kill the enemy.

When it comes to game knowledge, however, the jungle role is the hardest, and regardless of the champion played is not recommended for beginners. It's followed in difficulty by the ADC role, however, due to having to know how to play marksmen champions.

For learning this, and learning minion wave management, as well as clearing waves quickly, while still being safe from enemy engage, we recommend Sivir. Her wave clear is great, her abilities are simple to use, and she has a spell shield in-built into her kit.

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