League of Legends: Arcane - Everything you need to know about Viktor

Published: 09:59, 21 October 2022
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Viktor - The Machine Herald
Viktor - The Machine Herald

Viktor - the Machine Herald has taken center stage after the animated adaptation of League of Legends - Arcane hit Netflix in a big way! Here is everything you need to know about Viktor, League of Legends augmented mastermind!

When viewers first meet Viktor in Arcane , he appears to be in his late teens or early 20s. As fans play him in League of Legends , he is likely about a decade ahead of his Arcane counterpart. 

Arcane isn’t entirely canon just yet, but Riot seems to move toward making the animated adaptations of League of Legends more directly related to the shows.

In League of Legends’ current canon, Viktor is an augmented Zaunite rebelling against the iron fist of the Piltovans and against his once-friend Jayce. Arcane explores Viktor’s journey into the heavily augmented form that fans know, but has only just begun to touch on Viktor’s “glorious revolution.”

For years, fans have speculated about a love relationship between Jayce and Viktor, since the two's intense competition bordered on romantic obsession in the minds of some. Arcane merely served to popularize this view by portraying the two scientists as passing ships in the night.

There has been no official confirmation of a relationship between the two, but there are plenty of contextual justifications for it.

Riot Games Jayce and Viktor from the Arcane series Jayce and Viktor from the Arcane series

Viktor still has a long way to go before becoming a recognized version of the League of Legends machine herald. Arcane season 2 will most likely see his health deteriorate as Viktor augments his body with technology to lengthen his existence.

In League of Legends, he is a firm believer in technology's power to upend the current quo and assist individuals who have been marginalized by oppressive regimes.


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