How to go back to old Steam Library UI

Published: 19:00, 31 October 2019
Steam - Old library
Steam - Old library

Steam's new library is off to a less than a good start. If you are one of the users that don't like it for a myriad of reasons, this guide might help you keep Steam looking like its good old self.

To begin, there are plenty of reasons why one might not like Steam's new library. Here are some of them I encountered in the brief 10-15 minutes before I rolled back to the old UI:

  • It's slow, each click feels laggy
  • All my shared libraries got merged with the one I own
  • There is no way to create libraries without games shared by friends or family
  • All the free to play games you ever came in contact with but deleted afterwards are now back in your library
  • It's incredibly clogged

I'm sure there are more reasons why people don't like the new look so here are the simple steps to change it back to the good old UI:

  1. Exit Steam and make sure it's not running
  2. Go to the (249.2MB download)
  3. After downloading, unpack Steam Old
  4. Open Steam Old UI folder and copy all the contents
  5. Find your Steam icon (the installed one, not from Steam Old UI folder)
  6. Right-click it and choose Open file location
  7. Paste the contents from Steam Old UI folder and overwrite everything when prompted
  8. Run Steam and enjoy the glorious old library

If you prefer the video version of the workaround, this is Leeson's guide that helped me revert the changes and get rid of the new Steam library. I have tried it and it worked for me, without infecting the PC with any kind of unwanted software. In other words, it's safe to do it.

The files you copy into your Steam folder contain Steam.cfg which will prevent auto-updates and your library will stay the way it is. If you ever wish to update or go back to the new library, it is enough to delete the file and run Steam again.

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