How to get four Executioners in Teamfight Tactics

Published: 23:08, 08 March 2021
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League of Legends - Kayle
League of Legends - Kayle

Teamfight Tactics Fates 4.5 set has some highly interesting combinations and some of them are the objectives of the most recent missions, such as getting four Executioners.

How to get four Executioners may be common knowledge to the more experienced TFT players but it can be elusive to them as well, partially due to the RNG but also because of the rarity distribution per level. Let's start from the basics.

How to get four Executioners in TFT

The guaranteed crits to targets at 99 per cent or lower HP will kick in only if you get the Executioner trait up to four but there are only three Executioner champions in the rotation. The answer here is simple - you need one of them to be the Chosen champion, granting two points of Executioner alone.

These three champions are Kindred, Xayah and Kayle. Any one of them can offer a double bonus but you will need to wait and not pick up another Chosen before. 

Otherwise, fate will be locked and you won't be able to get x2 Executioner. Alternatively, you can grab a different Chosen early on and then swap them out when your level is right to start rolling for the double Executioner bonus.

When to roll for Chosen Executioner

Technically, you can start rolling as soon as level six but that's risky since only Kindred is Tier 3 and this level does not offer Chosen from Tier 4 pool. Both Kayle and Xayah are Tier 4 so your best shot is to aim at level eight before you start rerolling since it has the highest chance of granting you an Executioner Chosen.

Chosen chances per level are as follows:

  • Level six - 40 per cent chance for Tier 3
  • Level seven - 58 per cent chance for Tier 3, two per cent for Tier 4
  • Level eight - 60 per cent chance for Tier 3, 40 per cent for Tier 4

In other words, level eight will guarantee a Chosen in the correct pool with each reroll that yields one.

How to get to level eight before rolling for Executioner

Building Duelists usually yields the best results when you want to survive until the late game when you are primed to start rerolling for that juicy bonus. You can incorporate regular Executioners into this composition, especially if you get your hands on a Spatula, which will allow you to create Duelist's Zeal.

Making Kayle a Duelist makes her DPS go through the roof and she should be able to carry you for the rest of the game.

Dragonsouls also have a decent synergy and once again - you can make Kayle get the buff by combining Spatula with Needlessly Large Rod.

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