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Paladins update 1.1 is postponed for Switch and Xbox One

Published: 06:51, 15 June 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Picture of Furia the Angel of Vengeance, a champion in Paladins
Paladins - Furia

Paladins' patch 1.1 has landed over two weeks ago on PC but it was expected to roll out on Xbox One at a later date. However, this has coincided with E3 and Nintendo Switch launch so the update had to be postponed to 27 June 2018.

Paladins' update 1.1 was supposed to bring the new champion, Furia, new event, Rise of Furia, and a pile of new skins. Well, technically it did but for PC only. Consoles were supposed to get the patch on 13 June 2018 but due to technical difficulties it had to be delayed. 

These "technical difficulties" could be that Hi-Rez bit off more than they can chew. Launching Realm Royale, Paladins on the Switch, follow up with E3 and release the patch for Xbox One and Switch in a rather short timespan may have been a tad too much for the company. That said, these consoles will be getting the update in a single package once patch 1.2 comes along on 27 June 2018.

The update will introduce Furia, the new support champion along with her accompanying event. You can learn more on Furia's abilities, cards and talents as well as check out the skins on the . Information about the new skins for older champions as well as the new event can be found on the site. Technically info about Furia is also there, but it's a bit more consise on the wiki.

Update 1.1 will also bring console-specific quality of life changes and upgrades such as previewing champion skills by pushing D-pad down, fixes to Turkish localisation, invisible UI elements appearing after opening chests and fixing re-receiving acquisitions for previous DLC purchases upon logging in again.

Hi-Rez Studios Splash art for Viktor in Hi-Rez Studios game Paladins Paladins

Response by Hi-Rez employees was pretty quick so no harm, no foul we guess, but there is still a growing concern over things like server instability and even theme music playing when and where it shouldn't be. There is no word on when these might be fixed but hopefully, we'll see the end of them once update 1.2 goes live.

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