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Saati now live in Paladins, along with a Stone Keep rework and Nightfall

Published: 20:01, 15 September 2021
Evil Mojo Games
Paladins Nightfall - Saati
Paladins Nightfall - Saati

Evil Mojo Games just rolled out the long-awaited 51st Champion in Paladins. The update that introduced Saati the Tricksot also served up a new Stone Keep map and a fresh Event Pass.

Saati has now joined the Paladins expansive roster. The 51st Champion brought along a major update to the game, along with a new Event Pass: Nightfall.

Paladins' latest Champion: Saati

A bounty hunter extraordinaire, Saati has put in the work through intense training and care for her tools. Saati's abilities include Dead Ringer, Coin Flip and Hand Cannon.

Dead Ringer produces a decoy that acts to destroy Saati's enemies while also providing a nice distraction. Fall for the ruse and fire at the decoy and you'll have a skilled bounty hunter breathing down your neck faster than you can say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

The Coin Flip ability lets Saati's bullets ricochet off the Coin and find their final resting place in the nearest target.

Saati's ultimate ability is the Hand Cannon - a weapon that will do damage with little regard for frivolous things such as surfaces of any kind.

Saati's reveal trailer
Stone Keep map update

The most popular map in the game got some love in the form of a visual rework. Now a bustling medieval metropolis, Stone Keep's overall texture quality has been vastly improved and its colour scheme and architecture have been given a facelift. 

The Magistrate’s dominion can now be felt all around Stone Keep which now has two versions available: day and night. 

Storm Keep map rework
New Event Pass: Nightfall

Paladins' latest Nightfall Event Pass will grant the players access to new skins perfect for the upcoming Halloween. This includes a free Midnight Royal Corvus skin and Devilish Skye as the ultimate reward.

In addition to the new threads, the new Revenant Torvald is the new Bounty Store skin exclusive to Event Pass owners. Bounty Coins are up for grabs as well and there are a couple of ways to get them, including watching Paladins streams. Bounty Coins can be used to unlock cosmetics at the Bounty Store.

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