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Paladins reveals Octavia skills and cinematic trailer

Published: 21:16, 03 March 2021
Updated: 21:17, 03 March 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Paladins - Octavia
Paladins - Octavia

Hi-Rez Studios released a new trailer featuring the upcoming Paladins champion, Octavia, who also has a full breakdown of her abilities already.

Octavia will join the Paladins roster at some point during March 2021 but we can already study her abilities and talents until that happens. 

Octavia's abilities

  • Primary fire: Marksman Rifle - Octavia shoots semi-automatic rounds that deal 500 damage per 0.3 seconds
  • Alt-Fire: Designated Sights - Take aim, get better accuracy and 50 per cent lower movement speed.
  • Ability 1: Commanding Leap - Octavia jumps into the air. Using Designated Sights makes her levitate for up to 2.5 seconds, providing a better view of targets.
  • Ability 2: Distortion FIeld - Pops a bubble that protects allies who can see enemies but the enemies can see them from the outside. Enemies in the bubble move 10 per cent slower.
  • Ultimate: Creeping Barrage - Octavia drops a barrage of lasers in a line in front of her. Smaller lasers that hit enemies deal 100 damage, remove shields and cause bigger lasers to drop down, dealing 850 damage.

Octavia's Talents

  • Hell or High Water
    • Touching down after Commanding Leap creates a pool that heals you and allies for 600 over 1.5 seconds. Octavia's ammo is not consumed while standing in the pool.
  • Asymmetric Warfare (Level 2)
    • Distortion Field now does 125 damage to enemy every 0.5 seconds and heals allies for 75 at the same intervals.
  • Display of Force (Level 8)
    • Small laser from Creeping Barrage roots enemies for 1.5 seconds and the big laser deals 600 extra damage.

You can also check out the full list of Octavia's cards on the official website.

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