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World of Tanks celebrates anniversary & exclusive console launch

Published: 14:22, 27 June 2018
Promotional image for the console exclusive World of Tanks Mercenaries
World of Tanks Mercenaries

Wargaming have announced they are celebrating World of Tanks' fourth anniversary as well as the console-only launch of World of Tanks: Mercenaries. One could expect an in-game event for the birthday but Wargaming had something else in mind.

World of Tanks Blitz's fourth anniversary apparently came at the same time as the 100 million downloads milestone. This sent Wargaming into a celebration frenzy of sorts, as they announced the #blitz4thewin contest.

In order to enter the contest, players would have to record themselves performing a "winning move" after winning a match in World of Tanks. As you may have concluded by watching the promotional video above, the idea is not exactly cringe-free. Now, players will also have to share the video with their friends on social media and include #blitz4thewin at the end of its description.

Those brave souls who gamble their dignity in to promote World of Tanks on scoial media will have a chance to win a grand prize. The prize is, err, a t-shirt with World of Tanks Blitz logo on it. Wargaming have also announced that "a generous set of rewards awaits anyone who enters the fray" which can be previewed on their official .

Wargaming have also announced the PS4 and Xbox One exclusive named World of Tanks Mercenaries which is apparently "the most significant evolution to date of World of Tanks franchise on consoles". This one will be set in an alternate reality where World War 2 never ended, resulting in global lawlessness after decades of relentless war.

In the end, soldiers and civilians resolved to take up contracts in order to bring bread to the table, which is how the game got its name.

Wargaming A tank is blowing up another tank in the World of Tanks. Tank you. World of Tanks

World of Tanks Mercenaries will feature new tanks that were crafted when mercenaries salvaged pieces of destroyed war machinery. This results in the ability for players to forego nationalities and just pick whatever tank suits them the most.

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