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World of Tanks gets its own football World Cup mode

Published: 09:11, 18 June 2018
Updated: 13:15, 24 September 2018
Tank shooting at a ball in World of Tanks' mode Tank Football
World of Tanks

Recently added Gianluigi Buffon may have seemed as an out-of-place addition to World of Tanks, even if he is one of the biggest tanks between the posts, but Wargaming's recently unveiled mode Tank Football has made it abundantly clear.

If you like football, awesome. If you dabble in Rocket League but prefer World of Tanks, then even better because the latter delivers a somewhat more subdued footballing experience that many of the game's fans will surely appreciate.

This means you shouldn't expect the sort of acrobatics you may see in Rocket League. Wargaming instead took a more patient route, although it's still quite hectic for the regular World of Tanks experience. Also, as many seasoned fans will tell you, this is not the first time Wargaming threw in football into tanks, although there are some tweaks this time around.

World of Tanks' new mode offers three vehicles, acting as strikers, midfielders and defenders. AMX 13 105 Sport is a speedy striker tank, with a gimmick of adding two shells at a press of a button. E 100 Sport is the bulky, slow defender, with an imposing size and a powerful cannon to blast balls away. T-62A Sport is an "agile midfielder" whose nitro skill helps with transition as well as defending and attacking.

Tank Football matches take seven minutes or until three goals are scored, with a tie taking teams into extra time, notorious Golden Goal rule and all. Each goal and assist earns players five points, while scoring own goals takes away as much.

Most skilled World of Tanks footballers will take part in the finals, which will feature 32 teams of best players. Wargaming promises various rewards, such as medals and styles, all of which will reflect how far you've gone in the tournament.

If you're interested in finding out about exact terms and conditions of World of Tanks' Tank Football mode, you can do so on the game's .

On a side note, I'd love to see Buffon's gag reel because there's no way he and Wargaming didn't have an absolute blast recording this.

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