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World of Tanks creators announce new free-to-play shooter

Published: 10:54, 14 March 2019
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Belarusian developer and publisher Wargaming have announced that their next IP will be free to play shooter built on Amazon's game engine called Lumberyard. The new game will be made in partnership with Ukrainian developers Frag Lab.

The creators of free to play multiplayer games World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes are looking to add another online multiplayer title to their portfolio.

According to the latest announcement, Wargaming's next project is "next generation" MMO free-to-player shooter and it will be built on Amazon's game engine named Lumberyard.

Furthermore, the new IP will use nearly a dozen of other Amazon Web Services such as Amazon Route 53, Simple Storage Service and Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes.

Wargaming said that Amazon Game Tech gives them everything necessary to "create and connect amazing games". They are aiming to create a groundbreaking FPS title which will deliver "a brand new experience to players."

They sound pretty confident that's for sure, but what about the actual details about gameplay and other features you may ask. Well, at the moment Wargaming only confirmed that they are partnering up with Ukrainian developers Frag Lab, which is the studio established by a group of industry veterans who worked on Crysis and Warface.

There is nothing to suggest the setting of the new game, but with Wargaming's portfolio of titles inspired by World War 2, it wouldn't be surprising to see the first person shooter set in a similar history period.

The Kiev-based studio Frag Lab counts 125 employees at the moment, including former developers from Crytek, Ubisoft, GSC Game World and 4A Games.

Frag Lab CEO Maxim Dembik said that "having Wargaming as a publisher was an obvious choice" for them as the company is known for delivering successful titles to players all over the world.

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At the moment, not many games use Amazon's Lumberyard game engine. Star Citizen is certainly the biggest name, and only two more games are currently available on Amazon's tech - The Grand Tour Game and Coffence. 

Amazon Lumberyard is based on Crytek's CryEngine and it's available for free. The engine offers integration with Amazon Web Services to allow the developers to build and host their games on Amazon's servers.

More details about the free to play shooter IP are expected later in 2019.

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