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Platinum Games looks to revive Okami's style in World of Demons

Published: 09:52, 20 April 2018
Platinum Games
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World of Demons

Developers of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising are making a new action game for mobile platforms, set for release this Summer. The game is described as a samurai action hack and slash game with a style reminiscent of Capcom's Okami.

Platinum Games in association with DeNA announced a new title for mobile platforms. The Osaka-based developer have proved they're more than capable to churn out a beautiful game, not least when it comes to general style. World of Demons will be releasing on iOS first and Android later on.

The game's art style shares similarities with Okami, Capcom and Clover Studio's PlayStation 2 titles. World of Demons will be an action game much like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, with combat systems that attempt to mirror them on touchscreen.

Platinum Games Samurai in a field World of Demons - The return of Onimusha.... Wait, wrong game.

In it, players take control of a number of samurai who are on a quest to destroy the oni and yokai, who are supernatural creatures and demons from Japanese mythology. 

There will be three playable samurai to choose from when the game launches and over 50 demons to fight. The developers aim to deliver an experience with gameplay worthy of a platinum game but they will still make action games for other consoles.

Platinum Games Samurai vs yokai in a field World of Demons - One of the few gameplay images

DeNA and Platinum Games assured players no content will be locked behind a paywall and there will be monthly updates with more content. Of course, it's still to early to be talking about this.

While the free to play game will have micro transactions to reduce the amount of playtime needed to unlock certain things, it will most certainly not be pay to win. We do not have a lot to go on currently, but the pre-registration page is available on the official .

World of Demons comes out this Summer on iOS and on Android at a later date. iPhone and iPad users will require iOS 9 at the very least iOS 9. 

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