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GOG and CDPR launch anti-DRM initiative called FCK DRM

Published: 16:43, 24 August 2018
Updated: 22:36, 24 August 2018
Logo for CD Project and GOG's initiative FCK DRM

CD Project and GOG have launched an anti-digital rights management (DRM) initiative aptly called FCK DRM, aiming to educate users across the globe on what sort of service they deserve when purchasing all sorts of media, games included.

Let's face it, as much as we may live in modern times, many admittedly smart users have been lulled into not questioning many merchant practices, even if they may directly and negatively affect them, which is exactly what FCK DRM tries to change.

FCK DRM's website explains that buying games with DRM means you're purchasing a game with additional software that would usually be considered malicious. It goes on saying that "nowadays DRM will send your information to an online server, it could run checks to see if you touched any files, or outright refuse access unless you're logged in somewhere."

When you dumb the issue down, you realise that many, if not most services entice users into paying real money for a product, only to allow them to use it under their conditions. Players can be denied service for a plethora of reasons, many of them leading to a nasty realisation that even though you've paid for it - you don't really own it.

Most of the goods based economy functions in a different way, i.e. you buy a Coke and it's yours. However, things like music, videos, books and games have slowly been devolved into a hybrid between limited goods and services, whereby you're forced to "repeatedly prove ownership", even though your money's already long gone.

Of course, a single initiative ain't going to change the world, nor will it make the industry change their ways but it may educate a few users to get their products from trusted sources. DRM is hardly a gaming problem either, since all media suffers from corporate attempts at control over goods they've already sold. Therefore, the website even lists several suggestions on books, music and videos too.

ESIC Poster that announced Denuvo's participation in ESIC Denuvo

In case you didn't know, the founder of this initiative, GOG, which is short for Good Old Games, is a digital distribution platform that was founded with this exact idea in mind - providing DRM-free games.

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