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Wipe date confirmed for Escape from Tarkov - Trailer for patch 12.12 released [UPDATED]

Published: 13:05, 06 December 2021
Updated: 23:52, 09 December 2021

Earlier this week, Battlestate games posted on instagram the message: You already know when the 12.12. release will be. That had fans speculating between two dates: 24th and 12th.

In the last couple of years, the wipe occured regularly just before Christmas, and most of the wipes came on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. So the 24th fit both criteria, however, considering that patch release number is 12.12, it also gave literal possibility that patch is on the 12th, which is a Sunday and highly unusual day for a wipe (based on earlier patterns).

However, this morning pre-wipe events have started,  so the wipe date is unofficially confirmed to be the 12th. Wipe events usually start in a wipe-week by messages from Traders saying that bosses are switching places on maps. Many players this morning confirmed this to be the case. Next up should be Raiders replacing Scavs on all maps, and free access to Labs map. So what changes are expected with patch 12.12?


Lighthouse will be the new map added to Escape from Tarkov, and first map to be added after more than 2 years. Map should be released in two parts. It will be half the size of Shoreline but its design will be more similar to Customs, meaning more choke points and more PVP places to engage. It will also feature multiple bosses. Battlestate Games CEO, Nikita Buyanov, also mentioned an extract similar to Train extract in Reserve, however it is unclear will it be included in first draft of the map or second. First draft will not include in-raid trader present, but second will, and he will be protected by a very capable boss / bosses.


Inertia should resolve part of the M.E.T.A. issues while playing the game. Currently every moving action in Tarkov can be stopped and started within a milliseconds, which doesn't reflect real life where movements take time to change. Absence of inertia led many people to adopt peak/strafe/jump tactics while engaging other players which leaves other party in disadvantage.  Part of it is related to inertia, other part is because of desync problems that occur. In this patch, Tarkov will introduce first version of inertia. How exactly will it work is still an open question. Many wonder if it will only be client based or server based, meaning M.E.T.A. tactics could still be exploited because of desync.


This is an update that fans have been promised a long time ago, and could bring a new feeling to the game. Basically, what it means is, that players will be able to communicate to other players in their immediate surrounding. That opens up a lot of new options for the PVP interactions. Players who are in a raid to loot or do quests can negotiate peaceful passage between themselves, Chad players could rob low level players but let them live, melee fight could be arranged, not to mentioned all the possibilities of spooking other players or using VOIP as a tactical advantage. There will be also an option to mute VOIP if player chooses to.

Other changes will involve new quests with Traders, additions to malfunction system along with new animations, new weapons, items and ballistic overhaul. 

The patch comes with a wipe, so prepare to get out there with AK-74 and collect that bronze watch. 


Battlestate Games just dropped the trailer for the patch 12.12. The trailer includes exclusive footage of the new map, Lighthouse, some new weapons, and change in granade impacts & ballistics.

If you are new to Tarkov, check out our guide on how to get the most out of the early wipe days.

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