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Escape from Tarkov trailer for patch 12.12 breakdown

Published: 10:01, 10 December 2021

The Battlestate Games dropped the trailer for their biggest patch to date last night. The trailer, which is almost 4 minutes long, shows exclusive footage from the new Lighthouse map, as well as new weapons and additions.

It's safe to say that the community has not been this excited about the patch in a long time.  So let's break down the trailer piece by piece.


The first impression is that it looks huge. It was speculated to be half the size of Shoreline, but from the footage we've seen in the trailer, it looks even bigger.  Not only is there a beach shot where we see almost a mile in the distance, but a drone shot where we see the entirety of the map and it is massive.

Also, it looks very atmospheric with big contrast in lightning around the map. There is a pier that reminds me of the Shoreline map, a forest area that looks like Woods, an outpost with a machine gun that looks like a blend of Reserve and Customs.

Map looks like a remix of the best parts of earlier maps while still having a unique identity.

Unlike houses in Shoreline and Woods, Lighthouse will feature high-end apartments which is refreshing. 

From the footage of the trailer, it looks to have choke points like Customs, what we already wrote earlier, and to player base delight, because it would be cool to have the map of the Shoreline size but active and live like Customs.

High-end apartment High-end apartment

Sillent Hill Easter egg Sillent Hill Easter egg

  Weapons and grenades

A lot of new weapons have been shown through the trailer along with new attachments. However, most notable is the introduction of impact grenades, which have been long anticipated by the fans, and will probably shape up approach to combat in a way. 

I am already calling a crazy Jaeger mission where you have to kill 4 PMC's with impact grenade touching their left arm all while dehydrated and shot in the right leg.

Also coming to the game are rangefinders, which came out of the blue (not that we are complaining). So I would not be surprised that Nikita and the boys added some other stuff to surprise, which they did not want to show in the trailer. 

  Here is the breakdown of the new weapons and grenades seen in the trailer: 

- 5.56 Scar-L

Can be seen at 00:29 Can be seen at 00:29

- HK G28 DMR

Seen at 01:14 Seen at 01:14

- Reticle for Vortex Razor+ handheld Vortex Ranger Rangefinder

Timestamp 01:38 Timestamp 01:38

- MTs-255 Revolver Shotgun

Seen in action at 02:16 Seen in action at 02:16

- Baikal MP43E-12 Double-Barrel 

Right after the Baikal at 02:19 Right after the Baikal at 02:19

- CTS 7290 Flash Grenade 

Flash grenade thrown at 02:19 Flash grenade thrown at 02:19

- RGN impact grenade

First impact grenade at 02:24 & 02:52 First impact grenade in use at 02:24 & 02:52


Seena at 02:35 Seen at at 02:35

- 7.62 SCAR-H (black) 

Nightvision black SCAR-H at 02:38 Nightvision black SCAR-H at 02:38

- Rangefinder

Rangefinder in use Rangefinder in use

We also get a sneak peek at one of the new malfunction animations near the end of the trailer. Nikita mentioned earlier on the podcast with Pestily that they have been working on a dozen of different animations which should all be included in patch 12.12. 

Overheating can be seen in action as well.

There is no VOIP included in the trailer, but will be included in the patch. 

Inertia was also missing from the trailer, but at 1:50 we can briefly see shooting under inertia.

Will all the things we saw be included in the first release of the Lighthouse is unclear, however, the footage doesn't show in-game trader so possibly all the footage was used from the stuff that is going to be added on Sunday wipe. 

And it is Sunday, which Nikita unofficially confirmed by commenting on Pestily chat. Check out the full trailer below.

As for the general information about the incoming patch, check out our earlier article containing all the info you need here .

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