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Wild Rift Star Guardian skins for Orianna and Senna are coming to League of Legends

Published: 20:15, 23 March 2023
Riot Games
Star Guardian Senna
Star Guardian Senna

According to Riot Meddler, the anticipated release for Star Guardian Orianna, Star Guardian Senna, and Star Guardian Seraphine skins is scheduled for sometime in July.

Riot Games introduced League of Legends: Wild Rift,  a mobile version of the popular game, in 2020. As the game was designed for a new platform, Riot developed a new engine specifically for Wild Rift.

Although Wild Rift  was based on the original PC version,  there were various distinctions such as the jungle layout being slightly altered and the runes being simplified. In addition, the game offered new features like additional ranks to climb, a rewards system for climbing ranks, reworked champions, and exclusive skins.

About a month ago, Riot Games  announced in a developer log that they would transfer numerous skins exclusive to Wild Rift to the original game. Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah, Rakan, and Star Guardian Seraphine were the first three skins that Riot confirmed would be included in the transfer. 

Following the launch of Wild Rift, Riot Games created numerous skins exclusive to this game, taking advantage of the modern engine to produce high-quality designs. 

When fans inquired whether these exclusive skins would be made available in the PC version, Riot denied the possibility, citing the difficulty in porting them over.

Riot Games Star Guardian Orianna Star Guardian Orianna

Riot Games has published a recent developer log announcing the release of two additional Star Guardian skins from Wild Rift, namely Star Guardian Senna and Star Guardian Orianna, to the PC version. 

Despite their initial claim of difficulty in porting over the Wild Rift exclusive skins, Riot has now confirmed the arrival of these two skins on PC. Furthermore, Riot has given an approximate release date for all the skins in question. 


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