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White Xbox controller packaging leaked, hints at Xbox Series s release

Published: 06:51, 10 August 2020
photo showing Leaked white Xbox Controller
Leaked Xbox Controller

Several photos of packaging of white Xbox Series X controller have leaked online with new interesting details. The print on the box states that the controller will work on both Series X and Series S console, which is yet to be revealed.

This month, we should finally get an official announcement of Xbox Series S, a cheaper and less powerful next-gen console from Microsoft. Rumours about this console have been floating around the gaming forums and social media for quite some time now but Microsoft never really officially commented on the matter.

One of the reasons for this is Microsoft's plan to undercut Sony with the pricing of the next-gen consoles. Apparently, Microsoft will have a cheaper console than their competition and plan to use Xbox Series S to achieve this goal.

Today, we have several new photos of the new Xbox controller which basically confirms the existence of Xbox Series S. As you can see from the screenshots below, it is a white version of the controller, which we did not see before. The print on the box includes several details about the controller including a very interesting detail about the supported consoles.

In addition to Xbox One, Windows, mobile and Xbox Series X, the new controller also works with Xbox Series S, Microsoft's cheaper consoles. The photos and the video of the new controller look pretty legit so it is safe to say that Xbox Series S is all but confirmed now.

Hopefully, we'll get more details about the console later this month, when Microsoft reportedly plan to host another Xbox event.

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