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We Happy Few devs are working on a third-person narrative driven game

Published: 19:49, 09 September 2021
Compulsion Games
Two policemen with white masks looking at a player in We Happy Few

Compulsion Games' next title will be a third-person single-player game with a strong narrative. The project is currently in mid-development.

One of the Xbox Game Studios that are yet to officially announce their next title is Compulsion Games, the creators of We Happy Few, an interesting first-person action game that sadly was not received well critically.

However, with their next game, Compulsion Studios certainly have a lot to prove and while they are still not ready to reveal the game or talk about it, a couple of details have slipped in the latest interview.

Compulsion Games Head of PR Naila Hadjas talked to XboxSquadFr where she revealed that the studios' next title will be third person, unlike We Happy Few, and narrative-driven. Additionally, it's a single-player title and the team are currently in the middle of the development so it's probably still a couple of years away from the release.

Other than that, we don't have additional details about the project. 

Compulsion Games A man walking through a derelict neighbourhood in We Happy Few We Happy Few

Xbox fans will probably be happy to hear that the game is third person with a strong narrative since most of the recently announced Xbox exclusives have been first-person. There's definitely a gap in the Xbox portfolio for third-person games but with Compulsion's next title and other first-party unannounced games, that gap could certainly be filled.

Hopefully, we'll hear more about Compulsion Games' next title very soon. 

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