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Wasteland 3 will have several familiar faces, despite being in Colorado

Published: 16:30, 15 August 2020
inXile Entertainment
Picture of a Desert Ranger hat in Colorado
Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is set in Colorado, fairly far from the Rangers' native Arizona but that has not stopped inXile Entertainment from bringing over some familiar faces from the first two games.

Given the nature of this article, it is safe to say it will include minor spoilers for Wasteland and Wasteland 3 along with potentially heavy spoilers for Wasteland 2. With that in mind, let's dive into the list of characters from the previous two games that will appear in the third one.

Scotchmo is the first name that comes to mind and pretty much everyone is aware of him. The drunkard with a shotgun was first revealed in the colourful but not well-received trailer from E3 2019 . He was also confirmed to be one of the recruits again so it appears that not all of the Ranger forces were wiped at the start of Wasteland 3.

Another recruit from Wasteland 2 that will be joining in the sequel is Pizepi Joren. She was revealed a bit later and may have flown under your radar but inXile made sure to reveal her for everyone with the short video about a busker who sings about Rangers. It turns out that companions can join the singing and Pizepi is showing her vocal skills off here. We are not sure whether she picked them up in the Citadel or Darwin Village's glee club.

Snake Vargas will almost certainly not appear in Wasteland 3 in person due to both his age and leg issues. Furthermore, he is no longer the General following the events of Wasteland 2 and started operating as a dispatcher so it's possible we will hear him over the radio. Is he still alive though?

Unlike Snake, Angela Deth's Schrödinger situation is resolved at the beginning of Wasteland 3. She has, in fact, survived the helicopter crash at Seal Beach and led a mission to Colorado.

Wade Woodson is now the new General and it is on his orders that Team November moves to the frosty Rockies. In other words, it's unlikely we will see him in person but one can only bother so many times saving him from extremely mobile dogs.

Keep in mind that Wasteland 3 is roughly two weeks away and inXile had it in their interests not to spoil too much of the story or the characters so it's possible we will get to see even more familiar ones.

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