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Warframe update Mask of the Revenant adds new warframe

Published: 15:21, 25 August 2018
Digital Extremes
Revenant, latest addition to Digital Extremes' game Warframe

Here I go killing again. Digital Extremes have rolled out Warframe's new update Mask of the Revenant which brings a new warframe dubbed the Revenant, sentient shotgun and a bunch of new customisation options, some deadlier than others.

I must admit that Revenant looks pretty badass, even more so once you see him in action. His Enthrall skill make mindless thralls out of his enemies who not only turn on their kind, they spread the affliction as well. Their, ahem, expiry turns them into a pillar of energy, which also damages opponents.

The Mesmer skin ability has Revenant's skin emit sentient energy, shocking everyone that touches it without expending energy. I'm a bit unsure what I think of it at the moment because while it does theoretically boost survivability and make things a bit easier overall, I'm usually playing Warframe for different kind of reasons.

Reave is where things are looking really fun, as in Flash fast type of fun, although I'm sure Digital Extremes have a Warframe-flavoured name for him too. As you can see from the trailer, the ability is a sentient energy dash that leeches shields and energy from anything you hit along the way. It's functional while looking quite spectacular too - what's not to like.

Same goes for Danse Macabre, which the dev describes as an eruption of Eidolon energy beams. As long as you're holding fire, you'll be boosting range and damage, with the added benefit of your thralls dropping overshield pickups. This means that Enthrall and Danse Macabre will play great together, the sort of synergy that we've grown to expect from Warframe. 

The new shotgun is Phantasma, and it irradiates enemies with deadly plasma. The stats are as follows, although the dev warned stats could be changed at a later date:

Accuracy: 100

Critical Chance: 13%

Critical Multiplier: 2.0x

Fire Rate: 12.00

Magazine: 23

Noise: Alarming

Reload: 1.2

Status: 39.0%

Trigger: Held

Impact Damage: 35.0

Radiation Damage: 20.0

Digital Extremes Revenant, the latest warframe in Digital Extremes' Warframe Warframe

As usual, Warframe's update Mask of the Revenant brings a handful of new armour sets but I can't stop looking at this helmet, so I'm passing on the affliction.

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