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Warframe has had one million downloads on the Switch

Published: 12:08, 10 December 2018
Digital Extremes
Advertisment slide for co-op shooter Warframe for the Switch
Warframe for Switch

Digital Extremes have announced that the Switch edition of their space ninja Tennure Warframe has racked up one million downloads since it launched on Nintendo's platform three weeks ago. Not too shabby for a game once labelled a flop, eh?

Warframe launched back in 2012, albeit in a package that new players would barely recognise now. The initial version was underwhelming at best but the company's passion, clear direction and a bit of risk-taking have proven to be a deadly combo. 

Digital Extremes ended up calling Warframe a "rogue success", in that its playerbase grew immensely while still keeping well below the radar. It consistently ranks among Steam's top 10 played games and one of its was hitting 132,201 concurrent players on Steam.

Nintendo Switch owners obviously share the sentiment and one million downloads in three weeks is a pretty good result. Granted, we're talking about a free to play title here, but Warframe is as unique an offering on the Switch as the Switch is in the world of consoles.

The company released the new Switch trailer on this year's , which probably helped hype it up a bit too. Digital Extremes didn't provide an exact numbers breakdown though, but we should know more before 2018 ends.

Ironically enough, Warframe's initial release drew comparisons to Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise, whose World instalment is to the Switch. As such, Digital Extremes' game is likely to report quite a few more Nintendo milestones in 2019.

Digital Extremes' space ninjas came a long way, not least owing to the developer's exemplary community relations and a relentless update schedule. Hopefully, both of these will remain unaffected by addition of the Switch to Warframe's list of supported platforms.

Digital Extremes Warframe, Baruuk, the reluctant warrior
Warframe, Baruuk, the reluctant warrior

In related news, Warfame: Fortuna launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today so the console wait is finally over, not a moment too soon. We're talking about that takes players to Venus, both above and below, adds hoverboards and a bunch more.

Warframe's upcoming warframe called Baruuk, the reluctant warrior

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Warframe, Baruuk, the reluctant warrior

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