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Warcraft 3 has received its biggest patch in 10 years

Published: 18:12, 12 April 2018
Blizzard Entertainment
Alliance Footman standing on a hill
Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos

Blizzard's fantasy themed RTS has been getting two updates annually since 2016. The cult-classic game might make its return to the top of the multiplayer scene, seeing as the company have decided to support it even after more than a decade.

Despite it being released in 2002, Warcraft 3 is still getting relatively updates every six months or so after a long patch hiatus from 2011 to 2016. After that period, Blizzard has stepped up their game in supporting their classic titles. This time around, the 1.29.0b patch which released 10 April 2018, brings modernised aspect ratios for widescreens and improves the lobby capabilities of the game from a maximum of 12 players to a 24 player cap.

Many balance changes have also come to the game which mostly increase hero movement speeds and some abilities' damage output. We can assume this is done for several reasons, the main one being to make the game feel less sluggish, but also to increase hero value in order to truly show the gap between a regular unit and a hero.

Blizzard Entertainment Gameplay of Warcraft 3 Warcraft 3 - Perhaps it's the nostalgia factor, but this game still has style

Another reason pertaining to these balance changes is because Blizzard wishes to re-introduce Warcraft 3 as a competitive sport and increase overall playability, be it E-Sports related or just good old homemade LAN Parties. The chances of a remaster or even a sequel are slim, but it's good to know the company is still looking into the RTS field.

Blizzard Entertainment Naga gameplay in Warcraft 3 Warcraft 3 - Hopefully if they do make a fourth game, the Naga will be a playable race

Blizzard has added increased mod support in terms of increasing the map editor's cap on possible existing objects, player units and neutral units alike. This change has been made in accordance to the increased player cap. Much larger maps will be required to host the massive amount of players bases and units.

Warcraft 3 is quite possibly one of the top three cult-classic RTS', with the other two perhaps being StarCraft and Civilisation or Age of Empires. Even though the game is 16 years old now, it is one of the rare specimen who still get updated with balance changes and new additions. If Blizzard knew how big of a market there was for Warcraft 4, they would be smart to take a chance.

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