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Warcraft 3 veterans invited to secret Blizzard event, official announcement pending

Published: 21:59, 19 February 2018
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News of Blizzard inviting Warcraft 3 veterans to a secret event has rapidly snowballed into an avalanche of speculation, so it is only fair to remind our readers of the few lonely facts that served as launchpad for the hypestronauts.

In a recent interview given to a Russian gaming website, two Warcraft 3 vets revealed they have been invited to Blizzard's headquarters in the United States. They cited the reason as being an "offline event" that they are very excited over, but that's about where the fact wagon ends. 

Rampant hordes of daydreaming users hurried to exhaust anything from Warcraft 4 to Blizzard's silencing of zee WC3 resistance. Conventional logic and some more sensible sources, on the other hand, mostly agree we're looking at a remaster of Warcraft 3. Note that we're already knee deep in rumourville at this point.

The company's job listings seem to offer further proof, seeing as how Blizzard's pitch specifically mentions maintenance and updating of in-house classics. Some sources went as far as to suggest a mobile game, but we sincerely doubt, or at least hope that this turns out to be a ringer.

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The players reminded that they're legally bound to silence by Blizzard's non disclosure agreement, a breach of which would legally transfer the rights to their souls to Blizzard. We're kidding of course, but this is Blizzard we're talking about here - even the greatest of comical exaggerations seem to land in the proverbial ballpark of the company "ethos". 

Having said that, I must admit that on a personal level I couldn't care less about remasters. I'm fully aware that business trends stem from financial opportunities and in that sense, nostalgia peddling markets are as good a market as any other. From a purely artistic standpoint however, I consider them as relevant as tribute bands, gaming sites turned Hollywood tabloids and Facebook philanthropists.

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