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Void Gauntlet is the next weapon to be introduced to New World

Published: 01:19, 10 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Void Gauntlet
New World - Void Gauntlet

New World is getting a new weapon and while it sounds and looks cool, many will probably be worried by the fact that it can be used as a healing tool on top of the Life Staff.

Life Staff users are fairly hard to kill in New World as the game is having trouble in balancing out the maximum damage output against healing from players which leads to frustrating PvP situations. Now, if someone were to add another weapon with healing potential, it could make groups even sturdier and it seems like this is exactly what will happen with the Void Gauntlet.

This new caster weapon will scale with Intelligence and Focus but probably scales more with the former. That said, you can always reverse the roles with the correct gem.

Void Gauntlet's talent trees will be Annihilation and Decay. The former focuses on close-quarters damage dealing and is highly reminiscent of the Omni-blade from Mass Effect 3.

Decay, meanwhile, will provide ranged healing for allies but also debuffs for enemies. The fact it can apply more than one debuff will probably make it the fan-favourite for group activities where the damage dealers can now just spec into talents that offer more DPS on enemies with negative status effects.

It may be worth keeping in mind that Decay will literally revolve around the Decay Orb that seems to alternate between healing allies and debuffing enemies so it will probably act as a mini objective on the battlefield.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Observing PvP combat Now imagine a Decay Orb in the middle of that mess

Players will be able to check the Void Gauntlet out from November 10, 2021, when PTR launches . It is currently unknown when the weapon will arrive to live servers.

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