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New World is getting a Public Test Realm

Published: 01:08, 10 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

New World has suffered a lot from changes that didn't seem to be tested well enough and many players called for a PTR. It wasn't long before AGS announced one.

Public Test Realm (PTR) is the version of a game client that gets updates ahead of time for the purpose of letting players test out changes and new content before pushing it to the live server. Overall, the system has worked extremely well for the games that utilise it and New World is about to do so as well.

The test realm will be launched on November 10, 2021, at 12:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM BST / 9:00 PM CET and the devs have provided an FAQ that should clarify any confusion that the players might come across.  

Everyone who owns New World will automatically gain access to the PTR client but the actual access is handed out on the first come, first served basis. That said, some regions may not have their own servers so it will be a choice between playing a laggy game or not playing on PTR at all. At the start, there will only be one US East and one Europe Central server each.

Players will not be able to copy-paste their character from the live servers to the test ones but In order to bypass grinding every now and then, AGS will provide things like instant levels and special gear.

Amazon Games New World Ghosts of mistakes past should haunt New World somewhat less frequently with PTR implemented

Those who end up participating in PTR and want to share bug reports, other problems and overall experiences can do so on the forums dedicated to the PTR findings .

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