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Valve eating its own hat on Apple collaboration

Published: 13:22, 06 June 2017
Apple VR Demo

After comparing console and iOS development to a 'walled garden' earlier this year, owing to problems in getting their mobile app onto the platform, Valve is now teaming up with Apple to bring SteamVR and HTC Vive to Apple computers.

After comparing console and iOS development to a "walled garden" and claiming that Valve is just "too stupid to be a successful iOS developer", it now seems that Valve will be teaming up with Apple for VR purposes after all.

If you think im making these statements up, just have a look at the video above around the 15:50 mark.

In any case, something must have changed, or Valve have collectively swallowed their horizontally structured hats, as Apple have announced during their annual developer conference that they will be teaming up with Valve and HTC to add VR functionality to their upcoming Mac devices.

ArsTechnica Apple VR Presentation Apple VR Presentation

According to , future Apple computers will be able to push VR at 90 frames per second. Quite a boast considering that Palmer Luckly famously Apple's hardware as incapable of providing the necessary horsepower for proper VR with Oculus' devices while he was still with the company. This might be another reason why Apple has decided to side with SteamVR and HTC for their future VR support.

Apple is quite famous for avoiding third party hardware wherever possible, and even more famous for rarely ever being the first choice when looking to buy a gaming PC. Just like things seem to have changed with Valve's position on development for Apple operating systems, this might be changing in the future as well.


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