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Epic judge drags Steam into lawsuit, says Apple "salted the earth with subpoenas"

Published: 13:12, 27 February 2021
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Valve may have succeeded in not getting drawn into Epic's fistfight against Apple this far, but now they're officially part of it. The judge tried to ease their nerves though, even if the result was quite funny.

As reported by legal specialists Law360, California Magistrate Judge Thomas S. Hixon ordered Valve to fork over aggregate information on 436 games as part Epic's case against the iPhone maker. 

Valve is just one of many third parties Apple has subpoenaed in the case, even if being drawn into such a high profile case is neither a pleasant affair nor is it particularly wise considering Apple's influence and the fact they still rule iOS with an iron fist. 

Nevertheless, Steam will have to comply, even if their legal counsel argued heavily against it. Valve's lawyers stressed that they're a small, privately-owned company whose 350 employees don't regularly produce such reports. 

Such data, they claimed, is either publicly available or includes confidential third-party data, which is why it would've been more prudent to involve these parties directly instead of burdening Valve's employes with producing reports that take many hours of work.

Moreover, Valve couldn't even provide guarantees they'd be done in the requested time, which is why the judge limited the data they need to produce to 2017, compared to  Apple's initial request for data since 2015. 

The court had some reassuring words for GabeN and Co, though, saying, "It's my understanding, for lack of a better word, Apple has salted the earth with subpoenas, so don't worry, it's not just you.

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We suppose that the magnitude of the war Epic are waging on Apple makes it extremely difficult to stay neutral - even neutrality is a statement in and of itself. Be it as it may, we anxiously await the conclusion to the Epic v. Apple case, which will be decided by bench trial in May .

Thanks Law360 .

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