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Valve Index sold out in US following Half-Life: Alyx announcement

Published: 10:31, 28 November 2019
VR character getting arrested in Half-Life: Alyx
Half-Life: Alyx, Freeze!

VR headset Valve Index has been sold out in the United States and some other regions just a couple of days after the announcement of Valve's VR title Half-Life: Alyx.

Last week, Valve officially announced a brand new Half-Life game titled Alyx. While many expected a fully-fledged sequel that would continue the story of the iconic series, Valve opted to make a VR title and explore some the events that occurred between Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

As you may know, you'll need VR headset to play Alyx and Valve Index is one of the devices that is supported. It's the most expensive on the market but those who buy it also get Half-Life: Alyx for free and by the looks of it, the promotion is going extremely well for Valve.

According to the latest reports, most Index packages are sold out in the United States and Canadian stores with "Back in Stock Soon" messages in place of the order button. Valve Index is also sold out in other regions while in the UK, the Steam Store is showing regular 4-8 day delivery times on all Index kits. 

It's possible that Valve didn't really had a lot of units in stock in the first place but nevertheless, these are certainly great news for the company. At the moment, Valve are taking backorders (taking order for a product that is currently out of stock) and if you place an order right now, you can expect delivery before 25 December 2019, which is nearly a month from now.

While Valve Index is indeed the best available VR headset on the market, Half-Life: Alyx will also support other VR devices that are compatible with SteamVR. If Index is out of your price range, you may wanna take a look at our guide, which features some of the . And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, you could save some extra money and get yourself ready for the world's first AAA VR title.

Half-Life: Alyx gallery - Valve's VR game is coming in March 2020

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