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Valve Index VR Headset officially revealed, full kit costs $1000

Published: 19:10, 30 April 2019
Updated: 19:12, 30 April 2019
promo image showing valve vr index headset with controllers
Valve VR Index Headset

Valve officially revealed their VR Index kit which consists of a headset, two controllers and base station for a price of $1000. Valve's VR kit runs at 120Hz with an experimental 144Hz mode with dual 1440 x 1600 LCD displays for each eye.

Valve are entering the VR market individually for the first time with their new VR kit which they officially announced today - 30 April 2019. Named, Valve Index VR, the upcoming kit consists of three parts including $500 headset, $279 controllers and $149 base station.

The full package costs $1000 but you can also buy the headset and controllers for $749, or even buy everything individually if you prefer it that way. Pre-orders will go live tomorrow and the official release date is set for 15 June 2019.

One of the most impressive things about Valve's VR Index kit is certainly the high refresh rate which is set at 120Hz. Furthermore, the kit will feature full back-compatibility to 90Hz, as well as an experimental 144Hz mode. Valve claim that high framerates should help with optical comfort, allowing longer and more comfortable play sessions.

The headset also features dual 1440x1600 RGB LCDs to provide 50 per cent more subpixels than OLED, which should result in greater sharpness for the same rendering cost. In addition, Valve mention that Index VR's fill-factor is three times better than OLED, greatly reducing the “screen door” effect.

Index VR also comes with physically adjustable IPD (distance between eyes) and eye relief (distance from lens to eye) that allows you to optimise the field of view for your face. This means that headset provides 20° more FOV than the HTC Vive for typical users.

To use Valve Index VR, you'll need at least a dual-core CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RX480 which are pretty reasonable minimum specs. You can also connect up to four base stations in a single setup and use them with controllers that support SteamVR version 2.0 tracking, which are HTC Vive or Vive Pro controllers.

Valve promo image of valve's new VR device Valve Index VR

You can check the for a closer look at Valve's new piece of hardware.

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