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Valve introduce Steam points that let users get profile rewards

Published: 19:54, 25 June 2020
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Valve have introduced a new feature to their popular distribution service Steam - points, which will let players get avatars and various user rewards.

"Get points for shopping on Steam or by contributing to the Steam Community", Valve wrote, so it's practically a customer loyalty point system. 

Users can use their points to customise their appearance on Valve's platform, like avatars, emoticons or different backgrounds. They can also choose to award other members of the community, whether it's for reviews or Workshop stuff. 

Each US dollar spent earns Steam users 100 points, while one euro earns them 112. Steam users spend their points in the Points Shop, and Valve wanted you to know the following:

  • Animated Avatars, Frames, Backgrounds, Badges and Chat items you get are yours to keep forever.
  • The Points Shop is here to stay, now open all year round.
  • Items from the Points Shop are not marketable or tradeable.

Emoticons and backgrounds that were previously associated with trading cards can now be purchased directly with Steam Points, but you can still use Steam card crafting to get them if that's what you prefer. 

AltChar artwork showing steam logo on purple-blue gradient background Steam Illustration by AltChar

Note that Steam Points don't expire and if you're a valuable enough contributor, you don't have to actually spend money to earn them. Steam Trading Cards are here to stay though, and Valve explicitly said this is not a case of one system phasing out another. 

You can learn more on Steam

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