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Valve release Steam top selling and top played game lists in 2018

Published: 09:25, 07 July 2018
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Far Cry 5

As per usual, Lord Gaben's little helpers have posted the most sold and played Steam games across four categories - Top Sellers, Top New Releases, Top Selling VR Games and Most Simultaneous Players, all of them ranked in four brackets.

One of the most interesting details on Steam that the players want to know are which games sell the most in order to measure their popularity. There weren't that many surprises as PUBG, CS: GO, Far Cry 5 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance made it to the . While it may lack surprises, there is a bit of an oddity that was manifested as Warframe and Dota 2 are also the "most sold" games, even though they are free to play.

These weren't the only free to play games to make the Top Seller list though, as there are also Path of Exile in gold and Team Fortress 2 in silver bracket. Granted, Valve are secretive about metrics they use for their lists, but a clarification could be welcome, since this list seems to rank the titles that were added to the most libraries in a certain period of time, rather than actual sales.

The Top New Releases list probably follows the same rule, but has additional filters - months. I say probably follows because it's hard to believe that Metal Gear Survive could be counted as a "top new release" for February, but it made . The reason why it managed scramble a spot on the same list as Rust may be that the rest of February releases didn't sell that much either.

Another good metric for measuring a game's popularity is concurrent players. On the other hand it's not flawless as the list shows PUBG, which is the game that still has the most concurrent players on Steam, even though it saw sharp decline in popularity. The rest of the titles on the are the usual suspects - GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, CS: GO and Warframe.

Bethesda Fallout 4 VR showcasing the game's well known features including floating helmets and other bugs Fallout 4 VR

Probably the least popular list is Top Selling VR Games, as VR gaming itself is still in its infancy. Fallout 4 found itself in platinum bracket, making it the only AAA priced game in platinum. While we have several long time Fallout franchise fans at AltChar, my personal favourite has to be Beat Saber though, which also found a spot in .

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