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Valorant release window and gameplay revealed

Published: 10:55, 02 March 2020

Riot Games officially unveiled Valorant, formerly known as Project A. The game is set to release during summer 2020, aiming to become the next big thing in the world of competitive first-person shooters.

Valorant is just a few months away from release now and Riot Games offered a video featuring a full round worth of gameplay as a preview. The gameplay is not shown from a single person' perspective but through some sort of observer mode. However, it is always in the first-person perspective for the purpose of revealing the gameplay, not highlighting the full possibilities of spectating esports.

Keep in mind that all the content is still a work in progress and the video starts with one such disclaimer. Valorant may be launching in just a few months but this is alpha gameplay footage from an internal developer playtest.

The round Riot's developers played was within the bomb defusal ruleset, similar to that of Counter-Strike series. Just like in CS, each site has several flank opportunities but one major difference here is that there are three bomb sites. This has the potential to expand the possibilities of how each match unfolds but it's likely the third site was needed due to agents having abilities.

Riot Games didn't want to put too much kill potential in these abilities as they announced they will be more utility-based and so far it looks like they are delivering on that promise. There are no aimbot visors around but one consequence of that approach is that many agents ended up having are control abilities that obscure vision. Having a bigger playground should help mitigate their effects.

Another important takeaway from the gameplay video is that TTK seems to be really low, meaning the emphasis will indeed be on great mechanical prowess, map awareness and twitch reactions. It's looking like a promising esport already.

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