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Rumour: Riot's Project A will be titled Volarant, full reveal coming next week

Published: 08:24, 28 February 2020
Project A leaked screenshot showing a female hero
Project A leaked screenshot

According to the rumours on Twitter, Riot's upcoming shooter Project A will be titled Volarant and the full reveal is set for next week - 02 March 2020.

Riot Games, the developer of massively popular League of Legends and TeamFight Tactics have announced their brand new title, codenamed Project A, a couple of months ago. Since then, the studio have been completely silent and we are yet to get some fresh details about the game.

However, new rumours suggest that might change in the next few days. A fan Twitter account named ProjectA News & Leaks has shared several details about the upcoming shooter. The biggest one is the actual name of the game. The leaker claims that Riot's new shooter is titled Valorant after community members discovered a Valorant website trademark from Riot and also found a dormant Twitter handle called PlayValorant.  

As you can see, the account never tweeted but was created in February 2020. Around 14.5k people are currently following the account. 

On top of this, we have a brand new screenshot, showcasing one of the heroes that players will get to pick. Sage is a sentinel with four abilities, which you can see in the screenshot above, and we also get to see names of other heroes, their avatars and classes.

The screenshot looks pretty legit and we can't wait for the full reveal and more details. Rumours suggest that Volarant's full reveal will be held on Monday 02 March 2020.

Screenshot from Project A alpha build Project A

Project A release date is yet to be confirmed. The game is coming to  PC, consoles, iOS, and Android. 

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