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Phoenix is the first Valorant agent to be officially unveiled

Published: 18:11, 06 March 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Phoenix
Valorant - Phoenix

Riot Games recently revealed more about Phoenix, Valorant's agent that hails from the United Kingdom. The man is handy with his flashbang that curves around the corners and could potentially be a fan favourite.

Phoenix has been revealed officially on Valorant's Twitter account although most of the agents are already known and their abilities revealed. The spotlight on the UK operative included all of his abilities through short glimpses of gameplay but here are the details just in case.

Curveball is Phoenix's signature ability. It is a flare that he can cast and curve around the corners. Once it explodes, it will blind the enemies looking at it.

Hot Hands is the first of his purchased abilities. It is another fireball, but this time around there is no curving around and it does not work as crowd control. Not directly at least. Wherever this ball of fire lands, it will cover a small area in a flame that damages enemies and heals Phoenix.

Blaze is a flame wall that will block vision and damage those who pass through it. Just like Curveball, this wall can be bent while casting it.

Phoenix's ultimate is Run it Back. This is probably where his callsign comes from as the agent will mark the current location. If an enemy kills him while the ability is active, Phoenix will be reborn at that spot with full health.

Given his self-resurrection ability, pairing up with a Sage could make them a proper army of two. The enemy team would have to kill him three times if both agents happen to have their ultimates up.

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