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Valorant devs explain lore of agent hierarchy, tease a new one

Published: 16:30, 04 June 2021
Updated: 16:31, 04 June 2021
Riot Games
Valorant agent Viper
Valorant - Viper

Riot Games are only getting started with Valorant lore and they organised an AMA session where the writers explained how the organisation works in-universe.

Each Valorant agent has a bit of a backstory and several voice lines that clearly define their character and give hints about their other traits. When Riot Games organised a lore-based AMA , one fan asked about the age of the agents and the response delivered on more than just the numbers.

Well, technically they didn't reveal the exact age of each agent but the devs noted that Valorant Protocol is headed by Brimstone and Viper. While the latter doesn't look as old as Brim, her demeanour throughout the game certainly points to a mature person who can keep hormone-filled younglings in line. Sage is also one of the older and wiser agents.

Speaking of the newer generations, Riot mentioned that Jett, KillJoy and Phoenix belong in the group of said younglings. They were also not familiar with the mirrored Earth, for the most part. If you can recall, Jett is still in the dark about why people of Earth think that she destroyed Venice and thanks to Duality cinematic , we know that it was her duplicate from the mirror Earth that caused the cataclysm.

Furthermore, the team elaborated that Valorant Protocol is a group that works on its own. trying to prevent mirror Earth agents from stealing their planet's radianite. While we know who the de facto leaders are, we haven't seen who is bankrolling the team just yet.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

This is where a cryptic message from the devs came, hinting that their benefactor will be revealed in time.

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