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Valorant Night Market: Start date, rewards and more - June 2023

Published: 15:05, 31 May 2023
Riot Games
Here are the start and end dates for the upcoming Valorant Night Market!
Here are the start and end dates for the upcoming Valorant Night Market!

The Night Market for Episode 6 Act 3 is scheduled to take place from June 6 to June 28, 2023. Hopefully, you'll have the opportunity to find some great deals and acquire desirable items during this event.

Valorant Night Market is a special feature in the game where players have the opportunity to purchase exclusive skins at a discounted price. It is a limited-time event that occurs periodically in Valorant.

In terms of obtaining Valorant skins, there are several options available to players. The most straightforward way is to buy them directly from the in-game Store. Riot Games releases new skin bundles with each patch, which can be purchased as a complete set or individual items from the Featured section.

Additionally, there is an Offers section where four skins from previous bundles are presented. These offers are time-limited, so players should act quickly if they find something appealing. Another method of acquiring skins is by progressing through Battlepasses in each Act. However, to obtain the skins from the Battlepass, players need to unlock it by using 1000 VP (Valorant Points).

The Night Market in Valorant provides players with an opportunity to purchase discounted skins, which can be particularly beneficial considering the high cost of premium skins. This special event occurs once during each Act and lasts for approximately two weeks.

Alternatively, players have the option to obtain Valorant skins without spending any money by completing Agents' Contracts. However, acquiring weapon skins through this method requires a significant amount of dedication and effort, as completing just one Agent Contract can be a time-consuming task.

During special events, Riot Games introduces Event Specific skins in Valorant. So far, only two bundles of these skins have been released. 

Since these skins are exclusive to the events, they are considered rare and highly desirable among players. However, if you happen to be fortunate, there is a chance to find your desired skins at a discounted price in the Night Market.



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