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Valheim has sold three million copies on Steam

Published: 15:51, 19 February 2021
Valheim screenshot showing a logo and lush meadow

Iron Gate's Viking-themed survival title Valheim has reached another major mileston - the game has officially sold more than three million copies on Steam.

Many early access games on Steam won't offer you a lot of content but Iron Gate's latest title is about the change the players' perspective on these unfinished games.

You have probably heard of Valheim by now, a mega-popular Viking-themed survival game with some interesting and unique concepts that has launched in Steam Early Access with more content than some, much bigger games.

The game has already sold millions of copies on Steam and it's breaking all sorts of record. Today, the developer have shared a new  blog post , revealing that Valheim has officially reached over three million players and it's still on a major rise.

  • Over 60,000 Overwhelmingly Positive reviews
  • Officially entered the Steam's Top 250 best reviewed games of all time (78th and climbing)
  • Currently 7th most streamed game on Twitch, surpassing CS:GO, Dota 2, Minecraft and Rust
  • Over 20 million hours of gameplay already watched

This is certainly an amazing achievement for such a small title and it seems that sky is the limit for the devs and their creation. With more added content, it's safe to say that Valheim will continue to grow and perhaps become one of the biggest survival games on Steam ever.

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